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Someday you will find the place/ It’s the place where love takes over hate/ Then you’ll see the things you do/ Effect everyone around you/ Now I know there’s no fear at all/ You held my hand and took down that wall/ As I looked at you I had nothing to say/ Now I understand why you pushed me away/ I went far and now I see/ The only one I needed was me.

Living on this rez is a nightmare. I hate all the people that are here. I want to move away to New York City or California. Live a whole different life. Start over where no one knows who I am. Just leave without saying a word to anyone. Distance myself from everyone. Make a better life for me, living far away from here. Who knows maybe I’ll even find true love.

Right now, the plan is: get a job, save up for a year, look for apartments in NYC or California, then move. Start over, go find myself and who I want to be. Go explore different places. Get the hell away from here.

Okay so, tonight was probably one of the most surprising nights. A girl added me on facebook, and messaged me and told me she was my dad’s step daughter. FYI I have never met or seen my dad in my life before. So this was pretty surprising for someone to know him to find me an reach out to me. I just find it a little weird. I mean I haven’t like really thought about connecting or finding out who my dad was. This just really surprised me, here I was just minding my own business watching tv and I get a message out of the blue.

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